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Timber Framing

Heritage trained and experienced in traditional Oak framing to create structurally sound buildings that will last for many years to come.

New & Bespoke Carpentry

Traditional Oak timber framing


Whether it is a porch, outbuilding or enclosed structure, an oak timber frame will always impress. Using the time honoured techniques passed on down through the generations you will get a structure that will stand the test of time and age gracefully. 

At J Baker Carpentry we can design the frame you require or work with your architect to make the  structure that best matches your requirements.

Experienced in working as part of a team to build complete homes and smaller solo projects most things are possible to achieve.

The Process

On a framing project we tend to follow a standard process. 

  • You will get a site visit in which we will look at the proposed site and listen to your requirements.
  • Next come up with a design if you do not already have one for which you will then agree and sign off.
  • The frame will then be built off site in our workshop.
  • The site will need preparing before the frame can be erected, this could just be clearance, slab pouring or even base walls building, all of which we can take care of if you prefer.
  • Once ready the frame will be transported to site and an appropriate sized team will erect the frame safely.
  • Any additional work required like roofing etc can be discussed during the project.
Timber Framing

Example Projects

Garden Divider,

The client required an existing frame to be replaced with a stable 4m high structure to maintain the division between drive and garden.

Cottage Rebuild,

Part of a team for an oak frame rebuild of an existing cottage that was beyond repair.

Oak Frame Office,

Part of a team to build oak frame for a new office building