Structural Timber Repair

Where structural integrity is not compromised, a structural repair can be far less costly than the expensive rebuilding of the complete structural component. Often a requirement for listed building compliance.

REpair & restoration Carpentry

Structural Timber Repair

Its surprising what can be repaired and save the client £100s on expensive complete replacement of structural frames, In a lot of cases just components or scarf repairs to these components are all that is required. 

Listed Buildings

With the emphasis to conserve as much of the original fabric of the building during the repair process, structural repairs should always be considered rather than replacing the entire frame. If the degradation is particularly bad a conservationist architect or structural engineer may be required to provide the preferred solution.  

Repair Process

At J Baker Carpentry we have the experience to assess the damage and advise on the best solution. This will then be carried under safe conditions ensuring the integrity of the structure is kept intact during the repair process. 

Past Projects

Some examples of past projects to give you an idea what can be repaired.

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